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  • Squeeze Stretch

USA Made

Squeeze Stretch

$3.99 USD

Made in the USA.

We recommend testing a small, hidden portion of your product first to make sure this liquid doesn't change the color or finish of your shoes at all.


1. Generously spray the rubbing alcohol over the area of the shoes in need of being stretched. Make sure that the area is quite damp when done.

2. Do not spray areas that do not need to be stretched.

3. The area in need of being stretched should be sprayed evenly.

4. Give the rubbing alcohol 20 to 30 seconds to soak into the leather before proceeding.

5. The leather should stretch as soon as you slip the shoes onto your feet. You may want to wear thick socks, but make sure they're socks that you don't mind getting stained, as the color of your leather may transfer.

6. We recommend removing your shoes after about 20-30 minutes of stretching, just to make sure you haven't stretched them too much.



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