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Mavericks Gilbert

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Mavericks Laces are collaboration between three friends and graphic designers from Melbourne, Australia. It’s an idea that was created almost by accident!

The founders have always loved shoes but wanted a way to add some pops of color and individuality to their kicks. So they got creative and made a small batch of colored shoelaces and took them for a personal road test. The results blew them away: these colored shoelaces totally transformed their shoes, increased their daily happiness and made them feel like a Maverick. They knew in that moment that they had found their destiny and to never rest until they had shared the magic of their colorful shoelaces with colorful characters all over the world. Bulo Shoes is the first Mavericks stockist in the Western hemisphere.

  • - Stylish shoelaces
  • - Purple color
  • - Designed in Melbourne, Australia
  • - Best for 3-5 eyelets
  • - 29.5 inches long (75cm)
  • - 1/10" wide
  • - 100% Waxed Cotton
  • - Black Mavericks logo on tips